Undivided is a submission for the StaySafeJam gamejam. 

The world has been engulfed in darkness after a great calamity. With humans trapped in their very own homes, streets once flourishing with life have been deserted. The local populous survival depends on the few brave willing to risk everything to provide for others.

Undivided is a game about coming together and unifying as one to overcome hardship.


Gather an item from the central base

Take the item to the indicated mailbox

Keep aware of your darkness level (Staying in light regenerates it)  


E - Interact

Space - Close menus

WASD - Movement

Martin "Arvuti" Viidik
Davide "Aze" Aldegheri

Megan "eggvvitch" Snoddy

Sound Design
Alex Johnson
Joseph "JMMW" Mott


Undivided.zip 41 MB


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I really like the pixelart and music! The effect how the houses change back is also neat. It also has some replay value cause the items and destinations are randomized.

Good job!


great music and sound effects and pixel art. The atmosphere was really cool and mysterious and I liked the joke about delivering toilet paper being an absolute necessity. would be better if the end wasnt just a white box but thats fair enough as you didnt have enough time to do everything as its a game jam game.