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Wandering in the woods collecting wood. The kindhearted lumberjack stumbles upon an ancient temple. On its center of it a pure gold egg. Astonished by the sight the lumber jack hurries to nurture it. From within the egg comes a majestic phoenix baby. Keep the baby warm and fed until its strong enough to spread it own wings. And who know, you might be rewarded for your efforts.

How to play
WASD - Movement
E - Pick up and interact with items
Mouse1 - Attack / Chop Wood
Mouse2 - Aim crossbow


Gameplay Design
Martin Viidik (Arvuti)

Sadao Enoki (Jade)

Sound Design
Norbert Weiher

Bryan Walter (Monkeybit29)
Antonis Koutsouradis (Not_Koutsou)
Daniel Pham (dan_pha)

Lindsey Wailes (Linwail)


OrderOfThePhoenix.zip 789 MB

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